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Why it’s time to invest in video for your practice

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A picture says a thousand words and a video says even more. Video can be an incredible form of communication- particularly for personality driven businesses such as therapy. Ensuring strong therapeutic alliance from the start enables a client to get the most out of therapy. Video can be a great medium for clients to get to know you better, ensuring fewer drop-outs, and ultimately better outcomes for the client- and you. Clients often struggle to find the right type of therapist for them- by increasing the probability of getting it “right the first time”, they’re far more likely to be advocates of not only therapy, but also your practice. 

Videos are a great way to market yourself and your practice. If you’re looking to make your first video why don’t you sign up to Noah– the app that does all the thinking behind your videos so that you don’t have to.


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Ask The Expert

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You can access all of our sister site, Private Practice Hub’s, past and upcoming webinars by becoming an Exclusive member for just £10 per year. 

Early 2020 gave rise to the relaunch of Private Practice Hub’s, ‘Ask the Expert’ webinar series! The 20-minute episodes have been completely refreshed and reformatted and are led by expert host, Jayney Goddard.

The next Ask the Expert will be taking place on Thursday 25th June at 3.30pm and our guest this month is Dr Colin Clerkin from Your Practice Coach, part of Clerkin Psychology Services Ltd. Colin will be sharing advice on getting started in private practice, more information to follow. Please do share and sign up here.  

More and more, helping professionals are open to the prospect of working for themselves, rather than seeking employment within the NHS or other agencies. Everyone considering this path faces the challenge of how to make it happen, asking: is this possible? Is it something I can do? Despite often spending many years acquiring the skills of their profession, training rarely addresses the “business” of therapy or how to create a practice and thrive. So therapists, of all levels of experience, find themselves stumbling around in the dark, making it up as they go along, making mistakes, suffering setbacks and frustrations from having to learn and adjust as they go, without support, feeling anxious and lost. This can lead to people giving up or missing out on opportunities that ultimately cost them money, when they could be earning a decent income. 

Colin, a Clinical Psychologist and Coach, successfully runs a thriving psychology practice parallel to his coaching practice. He helps therapists, counsellors, coaches and helping professionals of all disciplines move from having an initial idea of wanting to work for themselves to making it a reality. He takes the uncertainty away by setting out a structure for people to follow to ensure solid foundations are laid for their new business. 

Join the live webinar to gain:
– An understanding of the importance of treating your plans for your business as a business if you want to succeed
– Clarity about your “why” for your business
– Reassurance that you can make your dream of working for yourselves a reality
– Confidence that you can take your plans forward, safe in the knowledge that you are not overlooking something crucial for your business development
– Realise the importance of valuing your “offer” so that you price services in a way that will ensure you can make a living from your business dream

Tax Debt and Mental Health

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Rift Refund have produced a useful guide concerning debt and mental health.

It contains helpful information including:

  • Understanding the impact of debt to mental health – the different kinds of debt (e.g. tax debt) and how they can be a key source of stress, depression, and anxiety if not planned and managed properly.
  • Advice for dealing with debt such as setting up a Debt Management Plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), qualifying for a Debt Relief Order (DRO), or even filing bankruptcy to get some protection and keep life essentials like pension savings safe from creditors.
  • What to do if debt problems begin affecting your mental health. This includes recognising the symptoms and early warning signs of mental health problems associated with debt as well as advice on where to turn to for help and support.
  • Other useful information and resources, including debt charities and organisations that are dedicated to helping people conquer their debt problems.

To read the whole guide written by Tyra Sullivan click here.

Preparing to cope with loss and grief

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Coronavirus is affecting everyone, right across the globe. Nobody is being spared of its tightening grip. As difficult as this is, everyone suffers loss and grief at some point in their lives. There is no right or wrong way to deal with it. It often comes along when you least expect it, so how can you prepare to turn up and give the best version of yourself at this kind of event?

Churchill share an in-depth guide about the bereavement process and how to cope with death and grief. The guide is called “ A Guide To Coping With Death & Grief” by Ellen Wise.

Sizzling minerals

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Press release December 2015:

A few months ago, like most people, I was suffering with all the ups and downs that family life throws at you as well as our jobs. More than that, I also had a few health issues which left me totally without energy and my get-up and go had completely gone, as well as interrupted sleep patterns, basically I was all over the place. Then out of the blue a friend suggested I start taking a product called Sizzling Minerals from a company called Simply Naturals. This is a full spectrum plant-derived mineral supplement which are the raw materials that the body needs and are 100% natural. He’d personally gained massive benefits from them and thought they would help me too. That was 4 months ago and, to cut a long story short, I now feel so invigorated and healthy. Not only that, but the stresses and fatigue that I was badly suffering from have also completely gone. I sleep well, feel happy and can deal with any issue that needs my attention.

I was so impressed I decided to also put my 10 year old daughter Alisha on them as she had a few issues which could have escalated and become quite problematic down the road. Needless to say she now also lives a full and happy life and even her schooling has improved. It’s no wonder they call the minerals ‘The Spark Plugs of Life’ and with so many amazing testimonials it’s easy to see why www.SizzlingTestimonials.com.

The fact is that we just don’t give our bodies the nutrients – the raw building blocks of life, the plant derived minerals and vitamins you need to fight back and keep us in the best of health. In many ways, we’re starving ourselves into ill health and every one of us needs to think about why.

Simply Health minerals are lush green prehistoric vegetation bursting with health-giving nutrients. Find out more by visiting: www.Mineral-Depletion.com and go to Mineral Test Certificate.

Note: this article has been submitted independently to the UK Therapy Hub. It is not an endorsement or recommendation of the product. Please visit the websites above for further information.