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Phone Number: 07828 002202​
Name: Prof. Dr Melania A. Duca-Canavan
My services:

Biopsysis - Biocentric Psychoanalysis©® was designed to provide an alternative additional support to pharmacological and psychological intervention, that is why its nature as a therapy is "complementary". Biocentric Psychoanalysis uses many of the cognitive, dialectical, rational-emotive and hypnotic behavioural therapy tools. It is not properly classifiable as a "talking therapy" because it strongly believes that communication is only less than 10% words and because the main therapeutic tool is Logics, to investigate a patient's inferential thought processes, learning system, interactional behaviour and inducted emotions, through sensorial and perceptive stimulation, in order to introduce gradual changes to their "habits", to make them acceptable and stabilise them over the weeks, months and years, to pursue a patient's complete realisation and happiness. Website:

Consultations are by appointment ONLY.

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Training, qualifications and experience:

PhD in History of Science - Forensic Medicine ; Psychoanalysis Dip. ; Criminal Psychology Dip. ; Forensic Science and Profiling Dip.
Professor of Logics & Philosophy of Mind (Faculty of Psychology, eCampus University Italy)
Psychology Faculty Research Ethics Committee Member
International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute Director
CPD Speaker
Insurance Policies No: ZUR-CMA/17/04/215-BQBTFFX ; IICT/DUCAME1/18



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