Once you become a member and register an account with us, you can create a professional listing for yourself or your practice (or edit any existing listing and update it). This will help you raise your profile online, be found by potential clients looking for a therapist and improve your search engine visibility.

You will also receive an email from Appointment.com. This additional, sophisticated booking engine is optional and will allow you to add your availability and receive online client referrals.

Having a professional listing with us will make you appear in searches when visitors look for nearby or online therapists. You can edit and update your listing as much as you want, and there’s plenty of space to include all the information and contact details you think potential clients will need before booking an appointment.

We also support Telebond integration so if you have an account with them, you can easily link this to your UK Therapy Hub listing and take direct appointments for online therapy sessions.

Membership is simple and straight-forward, there are two options but the only difference is whether you want to pay monthly or yearly:

  1. Choose monthly membership – full membership and a professional listing for only £2.50 a month (that’s less than a cup of coffee!).
  2. Choose yearly membership – full membership and a professional listing for only £24.99 a year (that’s a saving of £5).
Level Price  
£2.50 per month for full membership & listing £2.50 per Month. Select
£24.99 per year for full membership & listing £24.99 per Year. Select