Do You Provide Online Therapy?

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Because of the changes in technology and because people are far more comfortable with being online, we know that offering online therapy is an important part of any therapist’s portfolio.

Online therapy has matured over the years and is quickly evolving as new technology changes the way we work and communicate.

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Online Therapy Is Great For Therapists Too

It’s not just clients who are seeing benefits with online therapy. There are many benefits for you too. These include:

  • Offers you a global client base
  • Increases your chance of referrals because you’re not limited geographically
  • It allows you more freedom to structure your day how you want to
  • You can provide shorter, more frequent sessions. This allows regular check-ins with clients so you can make progress and offer support
  • You can have more time to respond to clients and structure your answers
  • You can send supporting resources immediately
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Tools for delivering online therapy

When you deliver online therapy, you rely on good tools to help you deliver professional and secure sessions with clients. There are a variety of different platforms for video calls, voice messaging and texting, but you also need a secure payment system and admin tools to efficiently manage your bookings.

You can explore the latest technologies and products available on the market here, find independent product reviews here, and search our sister site, the Private Practice Hub, for special offers and discounts here. See our event directory for upcoming training opportunities.

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Whether you’re an experienced online therapist or just starting out, we’ve got the tools and resources you need to deliver effective, professional sessions online.