The UK Therapy Hub is easy to join and simple to use. If you would like more clients, more traffic to your website and to raise your profile online, make sure you have a professional listing with us. Here’s why:

You’ll raise your profile online and you’ll get more referrals
Our directory is a great place to be found by potential clients looking for a local or online therapist, and you can include your contact details and website address in your listing to ensure they can get in touch.

If you’re tech-savvy, you’ll also appreciate that the back-links will help you improve your practice’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which makes it easier for you to be found by search engines.

You’ll be able to tell clients why they should contact you
Many online directories only allow their members to add a very brief description of their service. Here, you have space to tell potential clients about your experience and what you can do for them. This helps you to make a real connection with clients and encourage them to contact you. It’s a powerful marketing tool.

How does it work?
Choose whether to pay £2.50 a month or £24.99 a year for full membership and register your account. You can then create your listing, adding any information or links that you deem important for potentials clients to know. This can be edited and updated as much as you want.

Our Values


The UK Therapy Hub provides information to the public and a way for individuals to arrange therapy sessions with their chosen therapist. We connect therapists to clients and that is where our involvement ends. We do not act as medical professionals, nor do we regulate the practice of any professional listed on our site.

When you join us, we place our trust in you and request that you adhere to the highest professional standards.

Please only join this website if you:

  • Are professionally trained in the services that you propose to offer.
  • Hold an up-to-date qualification from a professional institution.
  • Are registered with a professional association.
  • Carry current professional liability and business insurance.

If there are any changes to your credentials and qualifications you must change your listing accordingly.

Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Our promise to therapists

At the UK Therapy Hub, we’ll never give your details to third parties.

We may, however, send you emails from time to time with information regarding your account, relevant industry developments and new information about our sister website, The Private Practice Hub. You’ll be able to unsubscribe from emails at any time.

Free business advice at the Private Practice Hub

If you are building your private practice and would like some help, there are hundreds of free articles at our sister website, the Private Practice Hub.

They cover all aspects of setting up a therapy business, including finance, marketing, admin, human resources and professional issues.

      Create a professional listing with us

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  • Raise your professional profile
  • Improve SEO for your website
  • Gain new referrals