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Our directory is a great place to be found by potential clients looking for a local or online therapist, and you can include your contact details and website address in your listing to ensure they can get in touch

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Many online directories only allow their members to add a very brief description of their service. Here, you have space to tell potential clients about your experience and what you can do for them.

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If you’re tech-savvy, you’ll also appreciate that the back-links will help you improve your practice’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which makes it easier for you to be found by search engines.

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The UK Therapy Hub provides information to the public and a way for individuals to arrange therapy sessions with their chosen therapist. We connect therapists to clients and that is where our involvement ends. We do not act as medical professionals, nor do we regulate the practice of any professional listed on our site.
When you join us, we place our trust in you and request that you adhere to the highest professional standards.

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Frequently asked questions

Log into your account here, simply click on the orange ‘submit new listing’ button (as seen in the below screenshot) and fill out your details.

If you are already logged in to your account you can create your listing by clicking here.

Hundreds of therapies are listed, from psychology to osteopathy, physiotherapy to hypnotherapy. We’ve worked hard to make the UK Therapy Hub the leading directory of therapists in the UK and so we have tried to include as many types as possible.

You can see a full list of categories on the Find a Therapist page.

Absolutely – just log into UK Therapy Hub and navigate to ‘My Account‘ at the top of the screen, you can then see your listing on the screen. Click on the icon of a graph (third small orange button to the right of your listing title, as seen in the screenshot below). You will be taken to a page showing a graph with the amount of people who have clicked onto your listing, sorted by the month that they viewed it.

1. Include Your Contact Details On Your Listing – Potential clients are more likely to contact a therapist who has included contact details in their listing. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

2. Update Your Listing Regularly – If you’ve never looked at your listing from the moment it went live, potential clients will be able to tell! Regularly visit and update the information on your listing so that it’s fresh and up to date. Google search engines also recognise new content, so if you regularly update your listing, you should be pushed up the organic rankings in Google as a result.

3. Use A Quality Photo of You In Your Listing – There is evidence that using a picture of a person’s face can substantially increase response to advertisements. The same goes for your listing on UK Therapy Hub. Use an image as your profile picture and this is likely to perform better than your logo.

4. Include A Link To Your Website – Potential clients like to get to know you and how you work as much as they can before deciding to get in touch. Having a link to your website assists them in their search for the right therapist for them.

5. Write As Much As You Want – Unlike other directories, we do not limit the amount you can include in your listing. Use the space to help potential clients get to know you, find out about what you offer and how you work.

We do have an extensive list of categories on our site and it is impossible to have every single specialism. We want to keep the search as simple as possible for potential clients, however if there are no other categories that reflect what you offer then we may well add a new category for you.

Email us with the category that you would like us to add – we will review this as a team and let you know our decision.

When you are on the sign-up page, select the relevant membership option for your discount code, and then click on ‘Click here to enter your discount code’, a box will appear where you can type in the offer code, making sure to press ‘Apply’ afterwards.

Our clients say

"While writing my listing I needed some technical help, I didn't expect to get a reply a few hours later - especially on a Bank Holiday - but I did! The instructions I received were really clear and the problem was soon sorted out. UK Therapy Hub offered me really fabulous support and fast! The support team were efficient, extremely helpful and very friendly. Top marks!"
Emma Fogden
Emma Fogden
"I found the admin staff extremely helpful when I encountered a couple of problems setting up my profile.They made me feel safe, and at no point did I feel stupid. Fantastic staff, I certainly felt valued as a customer. And I was more than a fee. Having dyslexia is a disability, I encounter obstacles all the time. I never felt disabled-I was included with every step until the problem was solved."
Debbie Lavinchi
Debbie Lavinchi MBACP
Counsellor & Psychotherapist