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Sandy Marks

Summary: Sandy Marks I am happy to teach people, whatever their reasons for coming to lessons – to improve sports or artistic performance, to improve confidence, or to deal with and possibly alleviate pain.   

KV McColl

Summary: KV McColl Completed 3 year, full-time training April 1995. Visit my website for details of introductory workshops and one-to-one lessons.   

Maria Thompson

Summary: Maria Thompson You are a wonderful invention! But sometimes it may not feel that way. Aches and pains, anxieties and tension get in our way and stop us from achieving all we wish we could. My job is to help you to overcome all the things you might be […]   

Elaine Merrison

Summary: Elaine Merrison Improvement in coordination, posture, poise and balance. Based near Amersham, South Buckinghamshire. Relief from the symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, spinal pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and Parkinsons disease.   

Liz Whitehead

Summary: Liz Whitehead   

C Christopher Mote

Summary: C Christopher Mote KInesiology training, Touch for Health, 3 in 1 Concepts, food sensitivity testing, allergy testing, allergy desensitization, etc    Show More Listings