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Spirit Release and Holistic Therapies

Summary: Offers remote help with physical, mental or spiritual problems in areas such as anxiety, stress and bereavement.   

Contemporary Palmistry

Summary: Harrison Richards couples traditional palmistry with modern hand analysis techniques to provide an illuminating and insightful interpretation of the palm and what it says about you.rnrnTarot readings also available.   

Cosmic Rainbows

Summary: Offers distant healing and courses in rainbow healing, colour healing and offers spiritual couunselling.   

Linda Mead

Summary: Linda Mead   

Graham Dare

Summary: Graham Dare A London based medium and spiritual healer with details of clairvoyance and his tuition in mediumship.   

Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan

Summary: Highlights the philosophy of Taoism with details information and facts.    Show More Listings