Anger can affect people in many different ways, but for some this anger can become out of control and take over a person’s daily behaviour and affect how they function. This can be seen as a problem when it starts to damage a person’s relationships with other people. Anger management therapy aims to help the client identify where their anger stems from and teach the client about how they can reassess situations and express their thoughts in a calmer matter. Clients may voluntarily visit a therapist to address their anger or they may be sent by court-order or their doctor.

An anger management therapist will address specific anger related issues of the client which could include anger surrounding issues such as work, adolescence and relationships. Anger management sessions can be held one-on-one or in a group and are tailored towards the client’s specific needs, using methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Most importantly, anger management sessions aim to teach the client/s how to identify the triggers of their anger and transform their destructive anger into a more positive, constructive and just anger. The therapist also teaches the client techniques which will help them to diffuse conflict. Sessions tend to last from a month to six weeks and are combined with at home journal writing for the client to record their progress. If the client suffers from any other mental health issues such as depression or addiction this will need to be addressed before anger management can commence successfully.