Follow that STAR this winter

By Anand EjjuApril 28, 2015Articles

A new year is cause to celebrate for many, but for some people the festivities can be marred by personal circumstance. For someone who has just lost a loved one, had a relationship break up or is going through a stressful period in their lives for financial or personal reasons, the pressure to ‘have a good time’ can be overwhelming. Dr Katrina Hinkley, from Connect Psychotherapy Practice, outlines four simple ways to make sure that it’s not such a ‘Bleak Midwinter’.

Self-control – Do not self medicate, and not just popping pills. We can be tempted to drink and eat more than we ought, whether at a party or a family get-together. However, alcohol is not beneficial for your emotions or your well-being, it is a depressant and can leave you feeling worse than you did before. Eating and drinking to excess can leave feelings of guilt; try to enjoy yourself without regretting it, everything in moderation.

Talk- Keep in contact with the people that you trust. Whether you choose to confide in someone about your worries or simply engage in idle chit-chat with a friend, it’s important to feel that you have a support network. Although you may feel isolated, there are always people who are there to help.

Anticipation – You may not be as enthusiastic about the recent festivities as some people, but arrange an event to look forward to. Even if it is only something small, like a winter walk or having a coffee in the new cafe down the road. Though you may not feel like celebrating to the same extent as everyone else, there is no reason to lose sight of the small opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Routine – The temptation can be to ‘let yourself go’, but don’t allow your good habits to slip. Maintain your daily customs; do menial tasks, get some exercise (even if it’s chilly outside) and stay on top of work. If you ensure that your routine is unchanged then you will feel more balanced and in control. It will also make the transition into the New Year more bearable.

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