Press release December 2015:

A few months ago, like most people, I was suffering with all the ups and downs that family life throws at you as well as our jobs. More than that I also had a few health issues which left me totally without energy and my get-up and go had completely gone, as well as interrupted sleep patterns, basically I was all over the place. Then out of the blue a friend suggested I start taking a product called Sizzling Minerals from a  company called Simply Naturals. This is a full spectrum plant derived mineral supplement which are the raw materials that the body needs and are 100% natural. He’d personally gained massive benefits with them and thought they would help me too. That was 4 months ago now and to cut a long story short, I feel so invigorated and healthy. Not only that but the stresses and fatigue that I was badly suffering from have also completely gone. I sleep well, feel happy and can deal with any issue that needs my attention.

I was so impressed I decided to also put my 10 year old daughter Alisha on them as she had a few issues which could have escalated and become quite problematic down the road. Needless to say she now also lives a full and happy life and even her schooling has improved. It’s no wonder they call the minerals ‘The Spark Plugs of Life’ and with so many amazing testimonials it’s easy to see why

The fact is that we just don’t give our bodies the nutrients – the raw building blocks of life, the plant derived minerals and vitamins you need to fight back and keep us in the best of health. In many ways, we’re starving ourselves into ill health and every one of us needs to think about why.

Simply Health minerals are lush green prehistoric vegetation bursting with health-giving nutrients. Find out more by visiting: and go to Mineral Test Certificate.

Note: this article has been submitted independently to the UK Therapy Hub. It is not an endorsement or recommendation of the product. Please visit the websites above for further information.