If you don’t keep in touch with your existing clients, you’re missing a trick.

Here’s why it’s such an important part of marketing your therapy business:

repeat business is worth just as much, if not more, than new business
it’s three times more cost effective than marketing to new clients
loyal clients will give you referrals and glowing reviews

It’s easy to keep in touch with clients. There is plenty of CRM software available (customer relationship management) that will help you. In its simplest form, CRM software can include a database, an email system, or both. It can offer a whole host of insights about your clients, too.

Don’t be afraid of hassling or bothering your existing clients. If you do it correctly, you won’t drive them away – instead, you’ll build a more genuine and long lasting relationship.

For some practical advice about keeping in touch with your therapy clients, you can read this article by marketing expert Massimo Gaetani from Salus Wellness, a complementary health centre in Cambridge.

Massimo′s advice is particularly suitable for leisure complementary therapy businesses such as massage, but more remedial therapies such as psychological or pain reduction businesses will still find much of interest.